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Raising funds yourself on social media

Ordinary people are raising money on social media like Facebook and Instagram every day. It may be a way to help you and your pet.


You’ve probably heard about the big high profile social media fundraisers that raise big money. But did you know that ordinary people use social media to raise money for paying bills? In fact, 1 in 3 GoFundMe fundraisers are from everyday people needing help with medical bills. And that’s not just medical bills for people, but their pets too!

There are dozens of websites that make it super easy to create a fundraising campaign. Once you create the campaign you advertise it on your social media and ask your friends to share it on theirs.

It costs nothing to create a campaign on these websites; typically they take a percentage of the funds raised as their fee. If you raise $0 you pay $0. But chances are you’ll raise something. Might be worth a shot, right?

FOJA does not endorse the websites featured on this page. We provide this as informational only as a public service. You use these sites at your own risk.

GoFundMe is a popular fundraising website. Fees are collected at the time someone donates (2.9% + 30¢).

Mightycause is a specialty fundraising website focused on charity. Fees are the same as GoFundMe (2.9% + 30¢).

Plumfund is a specialty fundraising website focused on personal fundraising for pet expenses. Fees are slightly less than GoFundMe (2.8% + 30¢).

Waggle is a different kind of fundraising website. They are a charitable organization specifically for paying vet bills. They collect donations through their donor network and pay your vet directly. Fees are the same as Plumfund (2.8% + 30¢).

FOJA does not endorse these or any fundraising websites. You use these sites at your own risk.