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Jacksonville, FL 32204

Medical Support

The shelter veterinarians have provided FOJA with a list of medical equipment that they believe would vastly improve the level of care they are able to provide to shelter animals. The list ranges from a $2,000 Pulse Oximeter with ECG, to $150 handheld UV lights for ringworm diagnosis, to special medications and food for ill animals. FOJA is committed to fulfilling this wish list.

animal treatment plan

The veterinary staff at ACPS is top notch. Hundreds of animals pass through the medical department each day and they are provided with everything from preventative care to routine surgery to trauma treatment. However, some illnesses and injuries require the attention of a specialist, and FOJA is there to make sure it is possible. Upon request from the vet staff, our Animal Treatment Program enables shelter pets to receive care from experts in a variety of fields, from dermatology to orthopedic surgery. FOJA believes all animals deserve access to the best resources available, we have never turned down a request for assistance.

Medical Partners

FOJA's animal treatment program would not be possible without the cooperation of our medical partners that graciously accommodate our shelter pets when an emergency or medical need arises. Their expertise allows us to insure the proper care is given.