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202 Forest Street
Jacksonville, FL 32204

Meet Lauren! A FOJA Artist Series Designer!


Meet Lauren! A FOJA Artist Series Designer!

Amy Samson

Check out Lauren! Lauren has created an illustration for the first collection of our FOJA Artist Series merchandise designs. Learn more about Lauren and why she loves FOJA, then go buy a shirt or multiple shirts! Shop Here! 


1. Name, Title, Website
Lauren M Trump
Designer and Illustrator or

2. Why do you want to help FOJA?
Plain and simple, I love animals and it tears me apart to see them neglected, abused, or misunderstood.

3. What are the name(s) of your pet(s)? 
Technically both of my pets belong to my mother, but my bubba loves me best. His name is Dooley.

4. Why do you feel what FOJA does is important? 
FOJA steps up when people don't or can't. They volunteer their time and effort into helping find animals homes. Animals can't do that for themselves. FOJA is their voice and their advocate.

5. What are some of your favorite activities that involve your pets? 
Well, Dooley is extremely lazy. He snores constantly. I love taking pictures of him when he decides the leather furniture is the perfect place for him to sleep or videos of his outrageously loud snoring. In the summertime, he also loves playing in the water. Bulldogs don't swim well, so we let him play in the hose and sprinkler.

6. What inspired your design?
I love images of dogs. I have a ton of great friends with great dogs. They too post them. My illustrations are an ode to those great dogs!

Lauren's design for the FOJA Artist Series.

Lauren's design for the FOJA Artist Series.

7. Random story??
Dooley is a unique dog. He's pretty old now and tries really hard to cuddle even though he's too big and bumbly, and slobbery. He is also a snob. He eats fresh fish, potatoes, and green beans. He'd eat that way even if he didn't have food allergies and was allergic to 99% of dog foods. He likes to jump on the leather furniture, even if you stare right at him. He'd do it anyway, even if you had the thickest carpet in your house or brand new dog beds. He knows what he likes, what can I say?