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where does the money go?

When donating to any non-profit, it is important to educate yourself on how your money is going to be used within the organization. We have created this easy to see visual of how FOJA spends funds in all of its areas of programming.

(*numbers are based on figures as of October 2016)


Medical Supplies- 2% of Funding

It is less often that the shelter is without supplies for medial purposes, but should the need arise, FOJA is there, with the funding to help. 


Shelter Supplies- 12% of Funding

Making sure the shelter has the right equipment to safely and adequately care for animals is important to the FOJA mission. Such items include portable printers for Animal Control Officers, digital cameras, 


Heartworm Treatment- 44% of Funding

Heartworm care funding is the biggest expense for FOJA. To date, FOJA has treated over 2364 dogs for heartworm, dogs that would have to be euthanized without our help. This cost includes treatment at the shelter, as well as financial assistance to owners that adopt a heartworm positive dog.


Medical Treatment Procedures- 28% of Funding

Covering the costs of medical procedures, is FOJA's second largest expense. Often animals are brought into the shelter that are in need of a medical procedure that is out of the scope of what the shelter can provide. FOJA pays for most, if not all, of that animal's care; be it life saving surgery, or seeing a veterinary specialist.