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202 Forest Street
Jacksonville, FL 32204

FOJA Board


Alicia Strayer, President, Executive Committee

Priscilla Mason, Treasurer, Executive Committee, Finance Committee

Margie Yarborough, Secretary, Executive Committee, Co-Founder

board members

Jill Mero, Executive Committee, Outreach Committee, Co-Founder

Carolyn Edwards, Beaches Committee Co-Chair

Gil Samson, Marketing Committee Co-Chair, Donor/Social Media

Vicki Cross, Foster Committee Co-Chair

Alisa Abbott, Enrichment Committee

Allison Abbott, Heart Worm Committee Chair

Sherri Audette, Executive Committee, Co-Founder

Lisa Graham, Volunteers Committee Chair

Amy Ploss-Samson, Marketing Committee Co-Chair

Amanda Flynn, Events Committee Chair

Chrissy Vanorsdale, Beaches Committee Co-Chair

Eunity Anne Thornton, Foster Committee Co-Chair

Carrie Good, Pet Safety Net Committee Chair


Committee advisors

Amanda Conley, Marketing

Jim McCormick, Finance

Mary Valenza, Enrichment

Nancy Williams, Events

Steve Flynn, Events

Jen Stockman, Events

Dee Zagari, Beaches




non-committee advisors


Helen Whalen May, Beaches

Ron Albert, Events

Mary Ellen Albert, Events

Becky Hamilton, Heartworm, Outreach

Shannon Carvell, Enrichment

Dasha Cooper, Outreach

Ally Wilkinson, Events

Trey Mills, Legal

Dea Verlin, Education


Elizabeth Bright Wallace, Education