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Long-Timers in Danger

Amy Samson


This is an urgent plea. As of this morning, there are a total of 15 dogs that have been at Animal Care & Protective Services since December of 2012. These dogs have until the end of the day Saturday, March 9th, to either be adopted or placed in foster care. If they are not placed, the shelter will unfortunately have to do what it hasn’t done in over a year: euthanize for space. It’s terrible, I know. But it is also reality. There is a finite amount of space in any city shelter. Ours has been at capacity for some time now. 

So this is a legitimate cry for help. For those among us that do not have a voice of their own or even the awareness to realize their dire situation. “Help”. I think all of us at FOJA have come to grips with the sobering fact that it’s impossible to save every single dog and cat in Jacksonville. But I believe we can save these 15. With your help.

So please….

Share their story. With everyone you know. Give them a voice. 

Foster. Take one of these animals out of the shelter for a few weeks and help us find them a forever home in the mean time. You’ll be giving these animals two things they desperately need. Love and time.

Adopt. You may not be ready to take on a pet right now. But if and when that time comes, please consider saving the life of one of the animals at the shelter. Don’t buy into the misinformation and stereotypes associated with shelter pets. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this. We really appreciate it. And I know the animals appreciate it too. 

Here is a list of the dogs in danger, along with their ID numbers. Click HERE to see the full list of adoptable dogs, along with pictures of all of them.