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Happy Fourth Of July from FOJA!


Happy Fourth Of July from FOJA!

Amy Samson

As we celebrate the 233rd Birthday of our nation this 4th of July, The Friends of Jacksonville Animals wants to remind all our Furry Guardians here in Jacksonville Florida that the “Here Comes the BOOM” is not dog or cat friendly. Our furry friends hearing is so much more acute than ours; so in basic terms, our little boom is a very loud boom for them. A few things happen when the repetitive boom of fireworks starts; 

1. Run away from the noise, fight or flight instinct takes over

2. Bark and chase the noise, protective fight of the fight or flight

The 5th of July is documented as one of the most intake days for strays nationwide. This is due to the runners and chasers of fireworks, and all things loud. So we ask  you Jacksonville, to calm, control and keep your furry family members away from the BOOM and loud celebrations this 4th of July. Keep them inside when festivities start. Kenneled securely outside if that’s their home too. Understand that noise really hurts their ears; and triggers instincts. Some Furry Guardians even get bit out of fear when trying to contain an animal that is reactive to the fanfare. So be safe! Contain your furry family members before the festivities start. The Friends of Jacksonville Animals want you to have a Safe and Wonderful 4th of July; 233 years is a very young Nation and worth celebrating. Just Keep the Furry ones inside, contained, safe and calm. Here are a few links from our Grantors and others to help you!


Happy Birthday America and Thank You Supporters & Members of Friends of Jacksonville Animals, have a safe and wonderful Holiday!